What is Sporteering?

Sporteering is a new, exciting and alternative way to walk, run or cycle around Jersey using the GPS navigation app on your smartphone.

Choose between exercising for fun, taking in the beautiful scenery in new locations – or take the competitive edge, collecting as many points as you can by completing as many checkpoints as possible, in the shortest time.

We’ve created a variety of different courses across Jersey to appeal to walkers, runners and cyclists of different abilities.

To get started, simply download the Sporteering app from the app store, select Jersey, choose your course, find the starting point and get moving! For further details about how to go Sporteering, please click on the button below. Please also refer to our Terms of Use before you start Sporteering.


Please remember to always respect the environment, stick to The Highway Code and, most importantly, have fun while exercising and enjoying our stunning island!

We’d love to see your photos whilst you’re out Sporteering – please share them across social media using #MoveMoreJersey


Millennium Stones – Cycle

A challenging road cycle ride that takes you around the whole island visiting the 12 Parish Millennium Stones. You’ll need approximately 3 to 6 hours to complete the 65km+ ride which involves some challenging hills and descents. This cycle route is for confident and capable road cyclists only.


Waterworks Valley – Walk / Run

Breathe in the valley’s leafy green shade on foot as you cross mixed terrain along footpaths, watching out for tree roots. Suitable for competent and steady walkers or runners, this 5km+ course will take approximately 40 minutes to run, or 2.5 hours to walk.


Gorey – Walk / Run

From Longbeach car park at Gorey you’ll run or walk this 4km+ course that is primarily flat but includes a steeper climb up to Gorey Castle. With the golden curve of Gorey beach never too far away, and the row of coloured houses at the harbour, this route is a pleasure to complete over and over again.


St Catherine’s Woods – Walk / Run

Starting and finishing in the car park off Rue du Moulin, St Martin, you’ll enjoy a forest walk/run through the woods. As some steeper ascents and descents over uneven footpaths are necessary, this course is best suited to competent, steady walkers and runners. Covering around 4km, it will take 45 minutes to 2.5 hours, depending on your chosen route.


Grosnez – Walk / Run

On the north west tip of the island around the famous Grosnez ruin, this 6km+ course offers stunning views for competent walkers and runners. While the terrain is relatively flat, the surface is stony and uneven and paths can be close to some high, exposed drops.


Portelet and Noirmont Commons – Walk / Run

A challenging walk/run course that starts and finishes at Portelet Bay car park. You’ll follow a combination of footpaths and cliff paths on uneven, stony terrain but you’ll be rewarded with some of the most magnificent views on the island. This course is for competent walkers and runners and will take 1-3 hours.


Winston Churchill Park – Walk / Run

A short course of approximately 1km suitable for walkers, runners and young family members. The checkpoints take you around various points in the park where you can enjoy spectacular views of St Brelade’s beach. While you’re here, why not stop to enjoy a picnic on the grass?


North East Island – Cycle

Taking in the rugged terrain of the north east part of the island, this cycle ride starts and ends at St Martin’s Village Green car park and is aimed at confident, capable cyclists as it follows both minor and major roads, with some steep, long ascents and descents. At 25km+ it will take approximately 1-3 hours to complete.



1. Check the weather forecast before heading out and make sure you’re wearing suitable clothing and footwear. Don’t forget sun cream and a bottle of water!

2. Use the Course Fact Sheets to choose a course suitable for you and / or your family – they vary in length, time, intensity, terrain and whether suitable to walk, run or cycle.

3. Plan your route before you start and charge your mobile up! GPS uses a fair amount of phone battery power, so take a back-up power supply if you need it.

4. The course is based on GPS points and ‘virtual flags’ – so there is nothing to find physically. You’re successful if you scan the GPS in close proximity to the virtual flag. (Please note: the flag locations on the app currently don’t change colour once you’ve scanned them).

5. Start the course by scanning the crossed flags on the map and scan them again once you have finished.

6. The aim is to collect as many points as possible, as quickly as possible. Or you can just do it in your own time for fun.

7. The times indicated for each course are simply guidelines. You can’t collect any more points after the maximum time stated.

8. You can complete a course more than once. Try finding a better route and improve your time!

9. Adhere to the latest advice from the Government of Jersey about social distancing

10. Remember to follow The Jersey Highway Code and be considerate to other road or path users, choosing safe places to stop and cross roads.

11. Stick to footpaths in open areas, don’t create your own paths and please follow The Countryside Code

12. Most importantly… have fun and stay safe!

Les Quennevais – Cycle

A cycle path route for beginners or nervous cyclists that follows a course around cycle paths with minimum interaction with road traffic. The cycle track from Les Quennevais follows a primarily shady route along the Railway Walk and around the track, making this an easy ride completed in under an hour.


Howard Davis Park – Walk / Run

An easy 1km course around one of St Helier’s beautiful parks, suitable for walkers, runners, buggies, wheelchairs and younger family members. Parking and bus routes available nearby. Why not combine your walk/run with a family picnic or simply take your favourite book to read in peace and quiet.


South West Island – Cycle

Starting and ending at Les Quennevais Cycle Track, this intermediate 25km+ cycle course takes you around the south west of the island following a combination of cycle tracks and minor roads. This route is for competent cyclists and will take approximately 2-5 hours depending on the checkpoints chosen.


Coronation and Millbrook Park – Walk / Run

A short 1km course on flat gravel paths and grass suitable for young families, buggies and wheelchairs. Starting and ending at the entrance to the park near the car park, this course will take around 20 minutes. Within the park you’ll find beautifully planted flower beds, lots of trees and play areas for children.


Waterfront – Walk / Run

This is an easy walk/run on flat terrain also suitable for buggies and wheelchairs. Starting and finishing at Les Jardins De La Mer car park, the course takes you around St Helier’s picturesque marina area and will take 20 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on checkpoints chosen and whether you walk or run the route.


Noirmont Common – Walk / Run

A lovely walk around Noirmont common, taking in both natural and man-made sights. This course is around 2.5km long and although relatively flat, the paths can be stony and uneven with some paths close to cliff edges. Best suited to steady walkers and runners.


Portelet Common – Walk / Run

A gorgeous walk around Portelet Common packed with signs of nature and wildlife everywhere you look. A relatively flat walk/run although paths can be stony and uneven, so this is best suited to steady walkers and competent runners. You’ll need 30 to 90 minutes to complete the course.