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Get Moving

Move More Get Moving is a free 8-week programme run in partnership with Mind Jersey, to provide a supportive opportunity for islanders whose lives have been severely impacted by COVID-19, or the consequences of COVID-19 restrictions, to enjoy becoming active again on a regular basis.

It also offers islanders support to become better equipped to sustain living a healthily, active lifestyle.


If you need some support to become more physically active, either because you suffer from poor health, or poor mental health, including anxiety or depression, then this programme could really help you.

If you’ve spent long periods at home by yourself during the pandemic, have found yourself becoming more unfit and are doing minimal physical activity in the week, then please get in touch.

Working with Mind Jersey, we can provide support to get you more active and help you on the road to improving your health and fitness.


On joining the programme you will have a 30 to 60-minute consultation to assess your needs and will be sent a booklet to help guide you through the programme.

There are two sessions per week, for up to ten participants, which include a 60-minute workshop with one of our Move More Referral Instructors and a mentor from Mind Jersey, plus a 60-minute low intensity exercise session – either a walk, or an exercise class held outdoors or indoors, with a Move More Referral Instructor. After one of the sessions, we provide a free coffee for all Get Moving participants for a chance to catch up and have a good chat with other participants.

We hope that after the 8-week programme has finished, you will then continue on your journey to improved physical and mental wellbeing by staying physically active. You may want to join one of our many Move More programmes which range from walks and cycles to exercise classes.

Participants can bring a supporter or carer to the group if desired. If groups worry you, please don’t stop this from contacting us as the programme can be run on a 1:1 basis in exceptional circumstances.

The sessions are held on the following days and times:

Monday – 9.45am – 11.30am at Salvation Army (Discussion, low-intensity exercise and coffee)

Thursday – 10am – 11am at Salvation Army (Low intensity exercise)


If you would like to join our Move More Get Moving programme, please contact us below and we will get in touch with more information, including how to register.


Alternatively, you can ask your GP or health professional to refer you onto the programme: