Move More
Active Buggy Class

Our Move More Active Buggy Class is a free 8-week programme designed to help mums of young babies to become more physically active and better equipped to sustain a healthily active lifestyle.


It’s for new mums who have recently given birth and may have limited time or opportunity to be physically active. All mums need to have completed their 6-week post-natal check (or 12-week post-caesarean check) and be cleared to exercise by their GP or health visitor. This is not a post-natal exercise class, it’s aimed at mums who are doing minimal physical activity each week and are struggling to fit more exercise in their life.

Move More Active Buggy will also help any new mums who have been affected by isolation, ill health and whose lives have been severely impacted by COVID-19 or consequences of COVID restrictions throughout the pandemic.


New mums on the programme will first have a 30 to 50-minute consultation during week 1 with one of our Move More Instructors to understand needs, concerns and goals, and you will be sent a booklet to help guide you through the programme.

There are two sessions per week, for up to 10 participants (plus buggy aged infants).  One session a week will include a 60-minute bodyweight-based circuit within Millbrook Park, followed with a 30-minute coffee and chat about a relevant topic, and the second session will be 60-minute moderate intensity walk between fixed equipment exercise stations along St Aubin’s promenade. After both sessions, we encourage you to stay and chat together and gain support from one another.

During the last week, (week 8) mums will have another consultation to plan how they can continue to fit exercise into their daily lives and which Move More Jersey programmes may be suitable for them to join going forward.


If you would like to join our Move More Active Buggy Class, please contact us below and we will get in touch with you with information, including how to register.


Alternatively, you can ask your GP or health professional to refer you onto the programme: