Are classes are now open with limited numbers, in accordance with the Government of Jersey’s latest guidelines. You can choose from a variety of classes which take place outdoors, in local community settings around the island, or via Zoom in your own home.

You can find the latest timetables for our classes and health walks below.

When attending our classes, please ensure you:

  • Keep 2-metres from anyone outside your household
  • Keep your equipment 2-metres from other users
  • Adhere to fixed time slots
  • Wear a mask when not exercising
  • Provide your contact details for contact tracing

You can also follow us across social media for the latest updates and changes to our classes.

Move More Adult Classes

We have a range of classes available for adults, which you can do in your own home via a Zoom video call, outdoors, or at community venues across the island. Take a look at the range of Move More Classes in our latest timetable below:


Before you attend your first class, you will need to register by downloading, completing and returning the application form below to us at: [email protected]. One of our Move More team will then be in touch to discuss the best class for you.


Zoom Classes

Our Zoom classes, which we began during the first lockdown in spring 2020, are open to anyone, once registered. Register with us to book onto our Zoom classes and our professional Move More Instructors will help you to take that first step to improving your health and well-being!

Register by downloading, completing and returning the application form below to us at: [email protected] One of our Move More team will then be in touch to discuss the best Zoom class for you.


Take a look at our new Zoom class timetable here:


Move More Health Walks

A health walk is a purposeful, brisk walk, undertaken on a regular basis which is specifically carried out for the purpose of improving an individual’s health. You should feel yourself breathing a little faster, feeling a little warmer and you should feel your heart beating a little faster. You should also feel comfortable and able to talk.

The walks are free of charge and range in length from roughly 30 to 90 minutes and you can choose from one of four ability levels:

Level 1 (up to 30 mins) – a slow pace suitable for those who sometimes have difficulty walking or get out of breath easily. *Asterix denotes benches available on the route.

Level 2 (40-50 minutes) – Intermediate walk. Relatively flat with gradual hills in places.

Level 3 (up to 1 hour 15) – A more advanced, brisk pace. May include uneven terrain and/or steps.

Level 4 (up to 1 hour 45) – Mixed terrain, uneven surfaces, likely to include step sections and/or steps


Please note that due to physical distancing guidelines, many of our walks now take place on the beach. Please ensure you wear appropriate footwear and choose the level best suited to your fitness ability, taking into account the increased difficulty of walking on sand.



HSBC Breeze and HSBC Guided Rides

Our HSBC Breeze and HSBC Guided Rides are currently being set up on a weekly basis, with all rides limited to one leader, plus five riders.

All  leaders and riders must conform to the following guidelines:

  • We will not share any equipment, so please be organised and bring your own items e.g. helmet, gloves, glasses, drink, snack, spare inner tube, tyre levers and pump, hand sanitiser, medication. Lights and Hi-Viz jacket for evening rides and poor visibility during the day.
  • You should pay particular attention to your bike being in good working order before attending a ride so as to minimise risks and disruption to rides.
  • We must adhere to 2-metre physical distancing at all times. This will include all riding, stopping at junctions, stopping for cars to pass.
  • Participants must not attend a ride if they have COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms.
  • Anyone who develops COVID-19 symptoms during a ride must inform a leader.
  • Anyone who develops COVID symptoms after a ride must contact the leader.

As the HSBC Breeze rides are currently filling up quickly, we encourage our Breeze ladies to try the HSBC Guided rides too – they are equally as fun and enjoyable as our HSBC Breeze rides!

Move More at Home

We’re all adapting to living our lives in the ‘new normal’ with the presence of COVID-19 – and now it’s even more important than ever to look after your health.

By moving more, you will start to increase your physical health, which in turn will help to build up your immunity, to help you fight against common colds and viruses.

There’s a variety of ways you can exercise indoors at home. Besides our Zoom classes, take a look at some of the other ways you can move more at home:



Cycle Without Limits and Move More Ability

As COVID-19 restrictions gradually ease, we are slowly re-opening our Cycle Without Limits and Move More Ability programmes.

We take the safety of our participants very seriously, especially as many of our users at the centre would also be considered to be in the ‘moderate to high risk’ category.

For more details about our Cycle Without Limits centre and current session dates and times, please visit our Cycle Without Limits page.