Keep Moving!


Moving more is good for your mental and physical health. Even if you move for ten minutes more than you did yesterday, it’s good for you – you just need to make that first step!

Finding time to be active can be difficult. Moving more as part of your daily routine is key to developing an active lifestyle and if you move more gradually in small achievable steps by yourself, with friends, family, or colleagues you are more likely to be active enough to benefit your health.

Living on such a beautiful island, there are so many opportunities to be more active in Jersey. And there are so many activities you can take part in, indoors or outdoors - lots which you can do for free. Your home, your commute and your workplace can all be transformed into personal activity spaces with some small and easy active lifestyle changes.

We’re moving more. Are you?

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Helpful Hint

We have a range of Pay As You Go classes for you to try including aquafit, core and stretch, exercise to music, gym circuits and gym based classes. Take a look at to find out more!